Tuesday, April 17, 2007

somber day at virginia tech


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A somber day for all Hokies. The website has been revamped, images gone, only a small VT logo. The website conveys a somber tone.


UPDATE: Thursday, April 19. The Hokie website is revamped again, this time an entirely black background with white letters, a highly emotional picture two columns wide on a 3 column layout with text 2x1 below the pictures. At the bottom of the page (not visible in the screen grab below) are text links to regular university functions. The grid is reinforced with a dashed white line running vertically between the columns, and with solid horizontal white line separators.


Classes resume, website returns to normal pre-April 16 colors on the top banner, but retains the right column of names of victims with white letters on a black background. A good transition back to the old layout.


Andria said...

At times like these, I envy websites' abilities to go gray or black in the background, reverse the type, and still have readable words.
Some newspapers tried that, but generally the type loses MUCH readability on newsprint.

Leslie Wilkinson said...

Thanks for taking a look and analyzing the vatech site, Gerry! Such a timely think to look at for useability and emotional response.

Andria, I couldn't agree more. Ah, the perils of newsprint.