Monday, April 16, 2007

Interaction design: Museums worst practices: Old Prison Museum

I'll refer you back to my best practices post to see the scope of the assignment.

The Old Prison Museum website (Deerlodge, Montana) is an example of bad interaction design.

It is basically a four page design, with a link for a self-guided tour, local links, and a contact page.

The interaction design is miserable. I can find none of the information my grandmother and son need. Only the contact page tells me even what city the museum is in. There is no information on parking, little on exhibits, nothing on accessibility or food. The design make the museum less attractive. The museum hours are listed, and the names of the tour guides. The grammar is atrocious, leaving a negative feeling: "Guided tour's are available."

The top navigation bar is consistent between the four pages, that's the only thing positive I can say.

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