Thursday, April 19, 2007

Persona of Scott Kennedy

Scott Kennedy lives in St. Paul zip code 55105. His area of town is a collection of young, mobile urbanites, a Bohemian Mix that represents liberal lifestyles. Its residents are a progressive mix of young singles and couples, students and professionals.

Scott is 43 years old, a college grad, and a native of St. Paul. He spent a year in an PhD program in English before dropping out. Scott and his wife live in an urban area of St. Paul, in a two story Victorian era house. In another generation, Scott would have been a novelist, but is a manager of an independent filmhouse. His household income is $51,558.

Scott loves to entertain in his sprawling house. Scott is a lapsed Unitarian, and does not criticize the lifestyles of his customers or neighbors, who are an ecletic mix. Scott considers himself a Renaissance scholar, with a broad personal library collection of hundreds of rare volumes.

Scott is an avid reader, but is rarely online. He is open to new experiences, and has told his friends that he wants to start following indy films online rather than continuing his expensive subscriptions to the daily and weekly issues of Variety that arrive in his mailbox to be carefully catalogued away after a late evening of reading while he finishes a Havana cigar preserved from the 1940s.

Scott's computer still runs Windows 95, and its media viewers were last updated in 1999, as Scott is afraid to download programs lest picking up viruses. He has tried to use the Internet to follow films, and his manager recently set up a website for his art house.

Scott is fiercely brand loyal. He read the Pioneer Press religiously for 25 years, but cancelled his subscription six months ago when the paper editorialized in defense of Mel Gibson.


Kennedy is a significant influence on the newspaper website redesign. He is a former subscriber in an area where newspapers are losing readership. He has broad connections in the community, and if he adopts the new website others of his ilk will surely follow.

Photograph courtesy Library of Congress, photographer Carl van Vechten

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